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Video Tutorial: How To Import Vector File Into Adobe Illustrator

This is updated version of the video tutorial “How to import file in Adobe Illustrator”. This time I have explained how to import fully editable vector file (Ai) into your current illustrator document and how to isolate the beads.

Note: If you decide to use Place option, you want embedded file within your document rather then linked. Only in this case you will be able to isolate and modify your objects. So, don’t forget to deselect the link box during the process of importing file. If you didn’t, you still can change linked file into embedded. To do that, go to Window > Links panel > Select the file in the links panel > Choose embed Image from the panel menu (see bellow).

DIY Bead diagrams

In the next video I’ll show you how to recolor vector beads in Adobe Illustrator.

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