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Ready-Made Vectors of Ilos Par Puca Beads added to Vector Beads Shop

Dear designers, don’t miss the new illustration of Ilos Par Puca Beads that will make your beading diagrams beautiful.

Ilos Beads Download
Ilos Par Puca Beads

If you use the Puca beads very often in your designs, check the other vector Puca’s shapes as well. Here are some of them:

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What Beaders Say

Super awesome as usual! You shop is the best resource for pattern writers!

Danielle Wickes

Svetlana is the best. Very professional, she works with great care and she is so talented! She is also very fast and kind. I can not do my work without her great and beautiful illustration.

Martha Mollichella Handmade Jewelry

These are great! I am cruising along making my new tutorial. So much easier than having to stop and make my own. They fit together perfectly and have good color choices. thanks!

Michele Klous