For those beaders who want to learn how to draw beading patterns by themselves, Vector Beads prepared some basic video tutorials that will improve your skills in Adobe Illustrator.

All videos are based on using ready made clipart sets provided by Vector Beads.

Before you get started, you should understand what are vector graphics and why to use it for drawing your beading instructions. The video bellow will help you with this.

Once you buy and download Vector Clipart Sets of Beads and Beading Supplies, check the video How To Extract Compressed Files.

Let’s start.

How To Import & Isolate Vector Beads In Adobe illustrator

This video will show you how to import fully editable vector file (Ai) into your current illustrator document and how to isolate the beads.

How To Recolor Vector Beads In Adobe Illustrator

This video explains how to recolor your vector beads using Recolor Artwork tool. Great thing about using this tool is that you have an option to change colors of your bead shape and shadow in the same time.

How To Transform Vector Beads in Illustrator

Here is a short explanation how to transform objects using bounding box & transform panel in Adobe Illustrator.

How To Change Measurement Units in Adobe illustrator

If you have no idea how to change units of measurement in your already open Adobe Illustrator document, watch this video tutorial and you will find out how to do that easily.

Vector Beads Size Adjustment

This video will teach you how to adjust sizes of vector beads to fit perfectly together.

How to Make Chain Brushes by Using Vector Beads Graphics

Learn how to create and use chain brushes in Adobe Illustrator, in order to simplify drawing beading diagrams.

How To Create Brush Library In Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to save your chain brushes as a brush library that you can open and use anytime!

Timesavers for Drawing Beading Patterns

Symbols – What they are and how they can save you time during creation of your beading diagrams.

How to Save Vector Beads as Symbols

Symbols are your time savers for drawing your beading diagrams. Save them once and use as many times as you need. This video instruction will show you how to do that.

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