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Cymbal Fashion Elements That Will Improve Your Jewelry Designs

As you already know, all graphics that you need for drawing beading patterns you may find in VectorBeads Shop. The list of available items is updated, check below what is new.

The new listings are:
  1. Vector Clip Art Pack of Cymbal Soros Bead Endings
  2. Vector Clipart Set of Cymbal Sikamia Connectors
  3. Vector Clipart Set Of Cymbal Aosa Paisley Bead Endings
Cymbal fashion elements: Aosa bead ending, Sikamia connector, Soros Tila bead ending
Upcoming illustrations of Cymbal metal elements for jewelry making:
  1. Agali cymbal kite bead ending
  2. Ambeli cymbal kite bead ending
  3. Latinaki cymbal kite earring
  4. Livadaki cymbal kite bead ending
  5. Vardia cymbal kite bead substitute
  6. Katergo cymbal kite bead substitute

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Quick service as usual! thanks!

Carole Ohl

Thanks for the awesome image and the quick timing!!!!

Michele Klous

As always an great product.

Antje Hornig