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Download The New Vector Beads Images Here

The new items added to Vector Beads shop! Made as custom orders, but also available as regular listings. Here is the list:

  1. Vector Clipart Set Of Bead Cups
  2. Vector Clipart Set Of Cymbal Rozos III Superduo Bead Endings
  3. Vector Clipart Set of Fixer Beads With Vertical Holes
  4. Vector Clipart Set Of Cymbal Farali 3 Superduo Earrings
  5. Vector Clipart Set Of Cymbal Menites SuperDuo Bead End
  6. Vector Illustration of Swarovski 6565 Pear Pendant
  7. Vector Clipart Set of Orion Beads
Beading vector graphic

What Beaders Say

Can’t live without these. Simplify my life so much.

Kim Leahy

I am so glad I found this wonderful shop! VectorBeads has the best art! I use these in my illustrator diagrams for bead weaving. So happy with all of my purchases!

Danielle Wickes

Quick service as usual! thanks!

Carole Ohl