CATEGORY: All, How To (Inkscape/PowerPoint) | AUTHOR: Svetlana I.

Inkscape Issue – Objects Disappear In Some Parts of Workspace

After importing vector artwork into your Inkscape document, the first thing that you will probably do is to select an object and move it. But sometimes happen as you moving it, your object is visible only in some parts of workspace and in some others it disappears, like on the image below.

I was searching around the web for solution and I found very good tip to look at the status bar all the time, because if you select something with the Selection tool, the status bar will give you info about that object.

So if your object is hidden in some parts of work area, check the status bar and click on the box in the left corner. Select the Layer 1.

Ungroup your objects one more time and try to move one of them. Now it’s visible in all parts of your file.

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